Opatów is located on the Sandomierz Upland. The ranges Jeleniowskie and Iwaniskie Świętokrzyskie Mountains stretch nearby. It is one of the oldest and historically important towns in the region. Mentioned from the twelfth century was an important node of trade routes. Town rights granted by prince Leszek the Black in 1282. Attributes: Collegiate Church of St. Marcin – one of the most valuable monuments of Romanesque architecture in Poland. Erected in the first half XII century. Brama Warszawska – the only surviving fragment of the modern defensive system of Opatów. Baroque monastery o. Bernardine built in the fourteenth-fifteenth century on the site of the settlement Żmigród.Podziemna Tourist Route – a complex of former merchants’ cellars under the tenements of the market. Do you know that: 16 km from Opatowo in Ujazd there are ruins of the seventeenth-century castle Krzyżtopór (the largest private Polish residence) This is the village of Karwów lying at the edge of Opatowo, born according to the applications of Wincenty Kadłubek – the first chronicler of Polish history. Photo gallery from 2009: