Lwowek Slaski

Lwówek Śląski belongs to one of the oldest cities of Lower Silesia. It is also one of the first cities in Poland to be located under Magdeburg law.

Attractions – Monuments of Lwówek Śląski:
parish church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, circa 1300
Evangelical church from the middle XVIII century, at present there is only a tower
Chapel of the Holy Cross, from 1496.
monastery complex o. Franciscans from the XIV-XV centuries
church of Saints Peter and Paul
former command of the Joannites from 1728
urban planty, from 1870
defensive walls (fortifications) with towers – gate towers: Lubańska from the 14th century, XV century
The Bolesławiec Gate from the 14th and 16th centuries
town hall from 1522
house, street Jaśkiewicza 29, from 1799.
house ul. Orzeszkowa 1
houses ul. Szpitalna 1 and 3, from the mid-sixteenth century, the eighteenth century
Defensive walls and the luban tower
historic tenement houses
city ​​stalls in the market (House of Bread and Shoe Crafts), from the end of the 15th century
Ratuszowy block, houses, pl. freedom
Town Hall and riser block, 26 houses, pl. Freedom, houses, pl. freedom
Do you know that…:
The city is probably the oldest Polish brewery, whose roots date back to the early 13th century.

Photo gallery from 2009: