One of the oldest cities not only in Lesser Poland but also in the country, its roots date back to the 12th century.
Located by the road No. 977 Tarnów – Krynica. Quite an interesting alternative to spend a short holiday for really little money.
Near (2 km from the main road) in Kąśna Dolna there is a small palace complex called the Manor of Ignacy Paderewski.
Access by train by Tarnow – Nowy Sącz – Krynica (passenger trains).

Undoubtedly, it is the Petrified City – a unique area, an inanimate nature reserve located just off the 981 Tarnów – Krynica road, on the northwestern slopes of the “Skała” hill (365 m above sea level).
One of the few places of this type in Europe. Skałki appearing in the reserve are made of sandstone, which according to geological research is about 30 million years old.
In 1948, an inanimate nature reserve with an area of ​​15 ha was created. A tourist route of blue color leads through the Petrified City. There you have to be and see it.

Do you know that:
Legend has it that the city owes its name to the uncle Mieszko I – Cieszko, whose first settled these areas. A horse with a row of people who will provide information that can prove this story.

Ciężkowice – photo gallery from 2007, 2010 and 2012.