Chojnice – the tourist capital of Tuchola Forest, is one of the largest and most beautiful cities in the southern part of Kashubia.

Basilica of the Beheading of Saint. John the Baptist from the fourteenth century. According to applications, the pagan temple of Świętowit was built on the site.
Fragments of the medieval city walls running around the Old Town from the west. Currently in the Człuchowska Gate there is the Historical and Ethnographic Museum, and in towers, among others gallery of contemporary art.
One of the most beautiful Old Town markets in this part of Poland with tenement houses from the 18th and 19th centuries. His pearl is, among others, the neo-gothic town hall from 1902.
44 km northwest of Chojnice in the village of Odry there is a unique team of circles and mounds which are a burial ground of the so-called Wielbark culture.
Interesting facts:
The surroundings of Chojnice and Bory Tucholskie are a place where Borowiacy Tucholscy live. It is an ethnic group that is part of the Kashubs – a group of Western Slavs who for centuries resisted the attempts of Polonization and Germanization, keeping to this day their language, culture and customs.

Chojnice – photo gallery of the city from 2009